We want the same as you, clean nature in harmony. We work long hours every day to reach our common goal: Clean energy for the next generation. Offshore Power Plant challenge the oil and gas industry with the next generation of renewable energy.


A leading energy company that offers climate friendly technology nationally and internationally using natures own power and knowledge. This through old and new technology - knowledge, research and development.


Offshore Power Plant is an energy company that challenges all of todays renewable technologies, on energy solutions, substainability and profitability. We shall be the leader of using all the forces that surround us from nature in a positive way for nature and humanity to make climate friendly energy. We shall be a positive contributor to society in as many areas as possible within renewable energy. Our working platform is curiousity, knowledge, wisdom, research and development. We think outside the box and promote all those who are tough enough to challenge established practices in energy.

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